Exeter ENT Referrals

You can see us without a GP referral.

First appointments and referrals are for an outpatient consultation. A new patient consultation typically lasts 30 minutes.

Referrals are generally received from your GP with a formal letter that includes the background to your ENT problem as well as your general medical history. We can also accept self-referrals if you do not wish to consult your GP first, or are having difficulty getting a specialist referral. If you have been referred to ENT on the NHS and have chosen a private appointment because the wait for NHS appointment is too long, please can you ask your GP surgery for a copy of the original referral letter to bring with you to the consultation. 

We accept referrals from patients who have health insurance and who are self-paying. We can offer a broad range of specialist outpatient investigation and treatments available during consultation on a “one stop” basis. Examples include:

• Endoscopy of the nose, sinuses and throat
• Hearing tests (audiometry)
• Microsuction (clearance and detailed ear examination using a microscope and fine suction to clear  wax or debris)

(note: these procedures will incur additional charges)

We can also arrange access to full a range of modern medical imaging with appointment times that can be tailored to a time that suits you. The commonest types of medical imaging needed for ENT patients are:

• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
• Computed tomography (CT)
• Ultrasound

To book a consultation call us on 01392 262160 or get in touch online.