Some of our most common questions

How do I get a referral?
Most people speak to their GP first about their ENT problem and get a formal referral letter. If you do not wish to speak to your GP, or cannot get agreement for a specialist referral you can phone/email for an appointment directly.

How do I make an appointment?
Please phone our secretary in Exeter (01392) 262160 or contact us online and we can discuss a suitable date and time with you.

Where will I be seen?
Your consultation will be at Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital, in the dedicated outpatient department where we have a comprehensive range of modern diagnostic equipment to provide a “one stop” service covering consultation and investigation.

Can my child to be seen for an ENT problem?

The outpatient department at the Exeter Nuffield hospital meets all the CQC accreditation for supporting paediatric ENT consultations. Surgery for children cannot be performed at the Nuffield hospital. The standards relating to paediatric surgical services have become extremely restrictive in recent years, and there are no private hospitals in the South West who now offer paediatric surgery. If surgery is recommended for your child as a result of the consultation, we can arrange transfer to an appropriate NHS waiting list directly.

If I need an operation, where will it be performed?
We perform the majority of our adult surgery at the Exeter Nuffield hospital. There are no facilities for paediatric operating at the Exeter Nuffield hospital, but we can arrange transfer to an appropriate NHS waiting list directly.

How long will my appointment be?
A new patient consultation appointment typically lasts for 30 minutes.
A follow up appointment lasts 15 minutes.

What investigations might I need?
It is often possible to combine an initial appointment with simple outpatient investigations during a single consultation. This might include audiometry (hearing test) for any hearing problems, endoscopy of the nose, sinuses or throat, and microscopic examination of the ear-canal and ear-drum.

How do I arrange surgery if it is recommended?
We will discuss any requirements for surgery with you at the time of your appointment. It is usually possible to arrange surgery in as little as 2-3 weeks if you wish. Many people have very busy lives with a lot of family and work commitments and alternatively we can look to schedule surgery for you several weeks ahead on a specific date to help make plans.

What happens if I have a problem after my appointment or operation?
During standard office hours you should speak to our secretary on Exeter (01392) 262160. If you have an urgent or emergency problem following surgery outside of office hours, you should speak to the Nuffield Health Exeter hospital switchboard.

Do I need to tell my insurance company I am coming to see you?
We strongly recommend that you speak to your insurance company before attending for any appointment or surgery. You will be liable for all specialist fees for consultation, investigations and surgery. Some insurance companies have exclusions or restrictions to treatments they will fund. Obtaining a pre-authorisation is the safest way to ensure you do not have any unexpected charges to pay from your appointment.

If you are coming in for an operation, we will give you an operation code which your insurance company will need to provide the pre-authorisation for treatment and payment.

How do I pay for consultation and treatment?
If you have health insurance we will normally arrange to settle your invoice directly with your insurance company, and all you will need to pay is any excess charge that is not covered (if applicable). If you do not have insurance we will normally arrange for an invoice to be sent to your home address. A discount against the costs of additional procedures and investigations is available for self-paying patients who settle their invoice within 7 working days.

To book a consultation call us on 01392 262160 or get in touch online.